Chloe Shu Pin Tan

Fullstack Software Engineer in Los Angeles

About Me

About Me

Software Engineer with experience in JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, Node.js, SQL

My Resumé

My Resumé

Software Engineering Applications

SpaceBnB, Software Engineer

2020 - 2021

Hack Reactor, Remote

An Airbnb clone offering out-of-this-world vacation rentals

  • Collaborated with 3 engineers to develop an app built on service-oriented architecture using React, Babel, Webpack, and Express.js; ensured seamless interaction between each member’s service by utilizing SCRUM techniques and Trello
  • Created the landing page displaying the rental name and location plus host information; Engineered access of information stored within my services via clear RESTful API documentation
  • IKEA Clone, Software Engineer

    2020 - 2021

    Hack Reactor, Remote

    Online retail app selling furniture, inherited from a previous engineering team

  • Expanded the dataset from 100 furniture items to 10,000,000 in PostgreSQL to simulate a realistic user experience; implemented a B-tree index in order to optimize queries for the larger dataset
  • Horizontally scaled the app using NGINX as a load balancer to eventually reach a 3% improvement in RPS (requests per second) between 4 deployed AWS EC2 instances; used k6 and to track performance
  • My Recipe Pantry, Software Engineer

    2020 - 2021

    Hack Reactor, Remote

    App to keep track of your favorite recipes

  • Designed an app utilizing React, Babel, Webpack and Express.js to store a user’s favorite recipes all in one place
  • Professional Experience

    Senior Tech Consultant, Subject Matter Expert for Case-Based Functionality

    2017 - 2021

    Revenue Solutions, Inc, Providence, RI

    • Developed and debugged proprietary tax and compliance software using SQL and FICO Blaze Advisor through the systems development life cycle
    • Consulted with the Chiefs of Collections and Audit within the Rhode Island Department of Taxation to maximize collections and enhance compliance
    • Created and integrated a custom view using Javascript to help agents calculate the amount of penalty a taxpayer owes
    • Developed a custom process utilizing SQL and FICO Blaze Advisor to automate the issuance of bills to individuals deemed responsible for a business’ debt
    • Designed and implemented a process, primarily using SQL, that utilizes LexisNexis to identify more accurate addresses for bill collections
    • Created company-wide tutorial videos for all levels of employees to improve training across client sites throughout the U.S. and Canada


    Advanced Software Engineering Immersive Program

    2020 - 2021

    Hack Reactor, Remote

    Fullstack web development bootcamp

    Bachelor of Science, Finance & Management Information Systems

    2013 - 2017

    Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA

    My Skills

    My Skills


    Javascript, jQuery, ES6, React, React Styled Components, Redux, HTML, CSS, Babel, Webpack


    SSMS, Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, PM2


    Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Heroku, NGINX (Load Balancer)


    Mocha + Chai, Jest + Enzyme, React Testing Library, K6,


    FICO Blaze Advisor, Insomnia, RESTful API, Git, Axios, TFS

    My Portfolio

    My Portfolio

    • Apps

    My Recipe Pantry

    Spacebnb (Airbnb Clone)

    IKEA Clone

    Connect Four

    CSV Report Generator

    Historical Events Finder

    Cryptocurrency Charting Tool

    Name Beautifier

    Carrot Cake